Thursday, 11 April 2019

4 More Dental Gifts for Holiday Baskets

Recently we wrote up something to get your creative juices flowing when it comes to stuffing Holiday baskets. And since Holiday baskets are ever prevalent year and year out, we came up with a few more ideas that you could either do alongside the other items or wait to implement next year. Even better, this list has a lot more budget friendly options than our other!

This is a no brainer, especially with how cheap and small it is. And really, it should serve as a reminder to your kids that flossing is just as important as brushing their teeth. Maybe they will look at it and think “floss, really?” But more often than not, if you show them that flossing is essential and you do it everyday, they may be more inclined to accept it as a useful gift.

Sugar free gum, more than anything. Gum is the perfect way to help freshen the breath, and chewing gum after a meal can help get rid of leftover food particles off your teeth so that they don’t end up becoming plaque. Since sugar free gum offers all of these benefits without any of the sugar that can cause damage to teeth, it’s the perfect little thing to add to your kid’s Holiday basket in place of other sugary candies.

What? Candy on a dental Holiday basket stuffer list? While we don’t recommend going for the more popular high-fat, high-sugar variants, candy is still a staple of Holiday baskets and we realize all kids are going to eat some candy from time to time. If you can, opt for dark chocolate and even chocolate-covered things like nuts, yogurt, and dried berries. Heck, give them a few Reese’s eggs -- the peanut butter within is actually quite nutritious.

Cheek retractor game
This isn’t necessarily a dental item so much as it is a game based off a dental item. If you remember those cheek retractors they have at the dentist that allow your mouth to stay open while the dentist is working on your teeth, you’ll know what I’m talking about with this item. The game could serve as a fun family time activity, so it makes the perfect basket stuffer for this Holiday.

Just remember to give your kids some fun items outside of these, too. Holiday is about happiness and love and family, so let your children know you love them by not only gifting a few of these items but other things they may have actually asked for, too.


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